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2010-2011 TAA Redbook Online

2006_07Redbook.jpgAccessing TAA's new REDBOOK OnlineBack to listTAA's new REDBOOK Online is now available at the touch of a keyboard 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever you are. This new resource gives you immediate access to the legal information you need from your trusted source.

Access to the REDBOOK Online has been customized to fit your needs. Please determine which of the following access types applies to you to identify the appropriate entry point and process.


Properties/owners using TAA's lease forms programs

If your property uses TAA's Forms for Windows or Forms Online programs, you have direct access to the REDBOOK Online from your forms package.

Note that Forms for Windows users must download the recent program update, version 4.43, from www.bluemoon.com to access the REDBOOK Online. Click on the download link in the upper left corner of the Blue Moon website in the "TAA News" box and follow the screen instructions. If you need assistance downloading the update, please contact Blue Moon Technical Support between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 512/322-0999.

In both TAA Forms for Windows and Forms Online, users will see a new menu addition to access the REDBOOK Online. In addition, when you are using a REDBOOK form for which TAA General Counsel has written commentary in the printed REDBOOK, you can click "View Commentary" on your toolbar to go straight to the commentary on the form. Some forms also include a "View Article" button that takes you directly to a related article in the REDBOOK Online. Additional references will be added as content is updated.

Corporate contacts for companies whose properties use TAA's lease forms programs

If your company holds 10 or more site licenses to TAA's Forms for Windows or Forms Online programs, you are entitled to complimentary access for one corporate representative for every 10 site licenses. If you have questions about your corporate access, please contact Glenda R. Holmes, ABC at 512/479-6252.

Corporate representatives will access the REDBOOK Online from the TAA website. First, you will need to login as a member on the site, choose "TAA REDBOOK Online" in the left side navigation and then choose "CLICK HERE" under "Corporate and Association Contacts."

You will then be taken to the REDBOOK Online homepage, where you can use the "tab-based" navigation, the robust search feature or "My Favorites" to access the content you need.

Members who want to subscribe to the REDBOOK Online

Members can subscribe to the REDBOOK Online through the TAA website using a credit card for only $53.30 per year.

You must login as a member to access the subscription page. Once logged in, choose "TAA REDBOOK Online" in the left-side navigation and the follow the "CLICK HERE" link under "Subscribe Now."

Advanced features

All members using the REDBOOK Online have access to features that will help you find the information you need, when you need it.

For example, the customizable search feature allows you to search single words or phrases quickly and easily, and to identify whether you want to search the entire site, which is the default, or if you'd like to search a portion of the site only--legal articles, for example. To make the most of the search feature, read the "search tips" located just under the search box on the site.

For those who want quick access to specific content, you'll want to check out "My Favorites," a feature that allows you to "bookmark" certain content that you can access easily over and over again. You can also set your favorites page as the homepage, for your convenience. Almost all content in the REDBOOK Online can be bookmarked.

Questions and feedback

If you have any questions about the REDBOOK Online, contact TAA at 512/479-6252. TAA lease forms users having trouble logging in can contact Blue Moon Software at 512/322-0999.






2010-2011 TAA REDBOOK

The indispensable legal handbook for rental property owners and managers in Texas.

The 2010-2011 TAA REDBOOK features work by the best and brightest rental housing experts from around the state and a continued focus on what you need to know to operate your business effectively, efficiently and legally. Heres some of what youll find inside:

  • New or revised material in this REDBOOK includes:

    • Nearly 100 detailed articles written by TAA's general counsel
    • Nearly 130 sample forms for use by owners and managers
    • 62 new or revised forms and 16 revised TAA lease forms
    • 20 new sections and 50 amended or added sections of statutes or rules
    • Reorganization of key articles and forms to make them easier to find

    About this edition

    While it's rare that the REDBOOK ever gets smaller, you've asked us to manage the size of this invaluable resource, and we've listened by relocating information, including most of the Federal Laws section, to the REDBOOK OnlineColor-coded tabs to help you quickly locate information.

  • Member Price: $95.00 plus S/H and state sales tax.
  • Non-Member Price: $150.00 plus S/H and state sales tax.
  • To order: Click Here


Industry Associations

National Apartment Association
(703) 518-6141
Information on NAA membership, programs and association matters.

National Multi Housing Council
(202) 974-2300
Partners with NAA in a joint legislative program at the federal level

TAA Affiliated Local Associations
(for a listing see the
Find A Local Association page)
Information about local association membership, benefits; information and referrals for resolving disputes between residents and property owners Texas Apartment Association
(512) 479-6252
Information on TAA membership, programs, services and association matters.

TAA Forms for Windows and Forms Online Programs
(800) 772-1004 (sales);
(512) 322-0999 (tech support);
(512) 322-0444 (click installation);
TAA's official lease and related forms, available from your computer and printer


Legislative resources

Texas Legislature Online
Access to legislative information; copies and analyses of bills; status of legislation; ability to search for legislation by subject, author or bill number; text of current statutes

Find Your Incumbent
Use the Texas Legislative Council's "Find Your Incumbent" search to locate your state representative and senator

Texas Senate
Information about the Texas Senate; webcasts of Senate sessions and Senate committee meetings; archives of sessions

Texas House of Representatives
Information about the Texas House of Representatives; webcasts of House sessions and House committee meetings; archives of sessions

Texas Online
A comprehensive online source for conducting business with the state, including renewing your real estate license, filing sales taxes and more

Governor's Hotline
(800) 252-9600 or (800) 843-5789;
8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. weekdays except holidays; information and referrals to state agencies

Texas Attorney General's Office
Information about the agency charged with enforcing the state's laws

Texas Secretary of State's Office
Information about elections, voter registration

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
(800) 252-5555;
Information about sales and other taxes

Texas Department of Information Resources
Links to city, state and federal government sites; access to state agencies, regulations and proposed rules

City codes
Links to municipal codes from throughout the country
Texas Statutes Property Codes
Links to municipal codes from throughout the country

Federal Web Locator
Comprehensive links to Congress, federal agencies and other related sites

Library of Congress
Link to the THOMAS congressional information site, links to federal agencies and other resources

Federal government websites
Official list of federal government websites

Federal Information Center
(800) 688-9889;
Information and referrals to federal agencies (OSHA, HUD, etc.);


Applicant screening issues


Criminal History Information
(512) 424-2079;
Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Records Service

Federal Trade Commission
(877) FTC-HELP (Toll-free (877) 382-4357);
Information about the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act

Accessibility, Fair Housing issues

National Accessible Apartment Clearinghouse
201 North Union Street, Suite 200
Alexandria,VA 22314
(800) 421-1221

National database of apartment homes with features for residents with disabilities. More than 60,000 listings in 47 states. Owners and managers can list available accessible units at no charge.

Accessibility Standards
(512) 463-3211; (800) 803-9202 (press 4);
Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, Architectural Barriers Division

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Federal Standards
(800) 872-2253;
Information about ADA accessibility guidelines from the Access Board

ADA Hotline
(800) 949-4232;
Technical assistance for employers and businesses on the Americans with Disabilities Act

Fair Housing Investigation
(512) 437-3450
Texas Commission on Human Rights;
or (888) 560-8913 (Department of Housing and Urban Development office in Fort Worth

HUD Distribution Center
(800) 767-7468;
Information and referrals on Fair Housing law

Environmental issues

Asbestos Rules
(800) 572-5548 or (512) 834-6600;
State and EPA rules, Texas Department of Health Occupational Health Division; see also OSHA

CFC Hotline
Environmental Protection Agency (800) 296-1996;
Information on Clean Air Act and CFC venting regulations;

Freon Purchasing
(512) 463-6599 or (800) 803-9202 (press 8);
Department of Licensing and Regulation; Information about registration requirements to purchase Freon or equipment containing Freon

Gas Pipeline Safety Rules
(512) 463-7288;
Texas Railroad Commission Gas Utilities Division

National Lead Information Center
(800) 424-LEAD ((800) 424-5323);
Information about lead disclosure requirements, hazard evaluation and control

OSHA Regional Office
(214) 767-4731 Information on OSHA; Asbestos rules

Affordable housing issues

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program Compliance Monitoring
(800) 643-8204 or (512) 475-3926;
Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs

Utility issues

Public Utility Commission
(512) 936-7000 or (888) 782-8477;
Information on telecommunications and electric utility issues, including electricity submetering and allocation

Water Allocation and Submetering
(512) 239-6960;
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, Water Utilities Division

Property, maintenance issues

Swimming Pool Safety Equipment, Pool Design, Signage and Health Department Rules
(512) 834-6635;
Texas Department of Health General Sanitation Division

Texas Board of Plumbing Examiners
(512) 458-2145 or (800) 845-6584;
Information about plumbing requirements for work done by maintenance personnel Texas Structural

Pest Control Board
(512) 451-7200;
Information on pest control licensing and testing requirements

Employment issues

ADA Hotline
(800) 949-4232;
Technical assistance for employers and businesses on the Americans with Disabilities Act

Texas Workers' Compensation Commission
(512) 448-7900; (800) 252-7031 (out of state calls only);
Information on workers' compensation laws

Texas Workforce Commission
(800) TEC-WAGE;
TWC labor law department

Wage and Hour Division, U.S. Dept. of Labor
Austin: (512) 916-5638 (for investigators)
San Antonio: (210) 308-4515 (for inquiries);
Information on Family and Medical Leave Act

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